D.I.Y. „Makro Switch“

It is a very rough built diy switch module. The right side is a half of the Doepfer A-182-2, on the left side i use a „Schaller Mega Switch“ to send for instance one modulation source to 3 destinations. This switch (originally it’s a switch for electric guitars) has 5 positions; the incoming signal goes to: 1. position – bypass 2. position – output 1 3. position – output 1 + 2 4. position – output 1 + 2 + 3 5. position – output 3 In this demo i’m using a clocked sine LFO, later i switch it to DFAM’s pitch output as the modulation source. 1. Output: cutoff, vco mod MO32 / 2.Output: Plaits timbre, morph / 3.Output: Elements position, brightness, damping

I shape my kick

A quintuplet based groove with drums, vocals and modular. Taiko is playing the solo. Bassdrum triggers O-Coast / Snare triggers White Noise / Pad triggers Ensemble Oscillator / Mic into Beads / Sequencer: DFAM, RYK 185, MO32 / rough recording / mix (Kick, Snare, 2 Overhead Mic), dbx Compressor, Reaper, Kdenlive