Back to Reality

back to realiti

There is a lot to do and time is short…


It’s not unusual

Somewhere behind me are the U.S. and A. and in front two hand-clapping hikers..

Cowboy Style #2

Red skin,

two cans of cold beer under a hot shower,

sundowner at the trailer park

feels like comin‘ home

after spending the day on a

dusty high road..

Jam on Superstition

After sleeping on the beach a couple of days on my way to Santa Cruz, I went back to Peniche and made some „self-rehearsels“ at the G3 Store Surf Center. There I met Sven, a very talented nice guy from South Africa.


Luka, the guitarplayer is an austrian guy, travelling also by bike, I met 2 days ago. We played a little surf-impro at the G3Store Surf Center in Peniche and get the surfboards for free. I’m pushing the tempo while playing, but that’s not new…